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Neck Hero™

Neck Hero™


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Feeling Tense in the Neck? You need to Relax

Don't you hate that sore and stiff feeling around your neck? Yeah you need a Neck Hero™ NOW

Pain Relief With Just A Click Of A Button

Why Neck Hero™?

✔️ It stimulates a REAL human massage for the fraction of the price

✔️ Promotes blood circulation to relieve neck, head and shoulder pain and relax your whole body.

✔️  Offering 3 different massage techniques and 15 levels of intensity for a complete, personalized experience.

✔️ The lightweight design allows you to wear your Neck Hero™ anywhere

Had Enough of Neck Pain?

Up to 65% of the population experience neck pain, so you are not alone!

Modern life is incredibly taxing on our bodies as spending hours hunched over a desk is terrible for your neck and can cause so many problems over time.

Chronic Neck Pain. Muscle Stiffness. Debilitating Headaches. 

We are all familiar with these.

This is why we have developed our Neck Hero™, the innovative new way of getting professional massage treatments on the go or from the comfort of your own home.

How does it work?

The Neck Hero™ works by using a combination of low frequency electrical impulses, consistent heat. This results in more blood flow to problem areas and the release of natural pain killers called endorphins.  

Just 15 minutes a day can give you the pain relief you've been looking for!


Experience Instant & Long Lasting Benefits 

The Neck Hero™ will bring: 

- Instant neck pain relief 
 - Posture improvement
- Reduced stress & anxiety 
- Improved circulation

Our Neck Hero™ is also effective against:

- Arthritis
- Neck Pain 
Tension Headaches 
- Muscle Stiffness or Strains
- Stress
- Pinched Nerves

We Are Even Getting Noticed!

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